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Mini stay for school groups in Seville, course Overview:

Spanish Language Immersion

This program has been designed for school groups interested in spending one week in Seville (Spain) attending a Spanish language course in the morning and optional social activities, conferences, visits and cultural excursions in the afternoon and weekends.

The program is available all year round for school groups of any size and age travelling with a teacher and based on family stay or accommodation in hotel or student residence.


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The philosophy of abbla languages ​​is that the student lives an experience of total linguistic immersion in the classroom.

From the moment a student enters the door of an abbla languages ​​center, a journey begins in which they learn a second language naturally, since we use the language studied to communicate from the first day. Our students acquire the skills to communicate in real situations and, in addition, in the cases of higher levels, the skills to face an official exam.

The environment, your classmates and the materials that we have designed for each level will ensure that motivation and interest are constantly growing.

At abbla languages ​​we give special importance to our team of professionals. We have teachers who are the visible face of our centers and who are responsible for making our students feel as good as possible in the classroom. Its objective is to reduce the emotional filter of each of the students as much as possible so that they feel comfortable and motivated when learning and using the language they are acquiring.


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